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Spare Parts Service

At a comparable machine quality, what has made EFFETI products a favourite choice of many customers in Italy over the years is the after sales service. For EFFETI customers service quality weights, when choosing our products, as much as the quality and price of the product itself.

For this reason EFFETI has set up two types of after sales service for its customers over the years:
1. Service agreement: it provides, in accordance with the customer, for a routine maintenance package accompanying the power generators in the years after its purchase. This type of service includes planned maintenance, service, oil change, filters, exclusively with OEM spare parts. Good maintenance on a product that is supposed to operate for many hours, such as in the case of GPUs used in airports, guarantees long machine life.
2. On-Demand Service: in case of an unexpected problem Effeti is always able to respond very quickly, being able to intervene at the customer’s site wherever it is.

As most of the key components that make up the generator are manufactured in-house, each Effeti technician, having a thorough knowledge of the product, is able to specifically look into the problem and solve all sorts of issues that may arise at any time with our power generators. In addition, because all key components of the generators are manufactured in-house, we always have a well-stocked warehouse of original spare parts and are able to intervene, if necessary, within a very short time.

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    Assistenza Ricambi | Effeti | Produzione gruppi Elettrogeni | Ferrara


    For EFFETI customers the importance of service quality weights, when choosing our products, as much as the price of the product itself. For this reason over the years EFFETI has set up differentiated after-sales service support with two types of assistance:
    1. STANDARD: ordinary maintenance package for the years following the purchase.
    2. EMERGENCY: fast response, with intervention at the customer's site.

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    Effeti designs and manufactures customized power solutions in the form of power generators for the most important Italian companies in the railway, marine and aviation industries.

    In addition to the well-established production of power generators for the most important Italian companies, the EFFETI team takes care of the scheduled or emergency maintenance of all machinery used by its customers.

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    Qualità e Certificazioni | Effeti | Produzione gruppi Elettrogeni | Ferrara

    Quality and certification

    Effeti has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.
    The company has always ensured consistent quality levels in its products.
    When an act was passed in 1995 requiring all suppliers to state agencies to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, EFFETI had its existing standards approved within a short time: procedures, testing, audits in the production line were consolidated business practices even before certification was required by law

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