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Mod. TF10 CIV 10kVA

Mod. TF10 CIV 10kVA

Compact, robust, easy to use and suitable to work in any environment, the TF15 MIL TOWER LIGHTS with integrated power generator are the best answer when in need of a temporary light source.

Studied, designed and customized based on the needs of the armed forces, the movable lighting units are made entirely in our production plant, following the EFFETI quality standards and using only highly reliable materials. The TF15 MIL TOWER LIGHTS are set-up with a tow trailer that meets the requirements for road use, fitted with all the facilities required by the regulations in force in the military. Finally all EFFETI TOWER LIGHTS have a UNIT/NETWORK SELECTOR DIAL which allows to operate lights and telescopic column also through the grid without the need to run the generator.

  • St006 R1 Ge10kva Torre Faro Effeti Ferrara
  • St006 R1 Ge10kva Torre Faro Effeti Ferrara01
  • St006 R1 Ge10kva Torre Faro Effeti Ferrara
  • St006 R1 Ge10kva Torre Faro Effeti Ferrara01
  • POWER 10 kVA
  • 4 / 6 PROJECTORS FROM 1000 Watt


Max. delivered power PRP – continuous 10kVA / 8kW (powers expressed in accordance with ISO 8528)
  • Diesel 2-cylinder
  • Water-cooled
  • Electric start
  • Injection: direct
  • Filters: Oil, diesel oil and dry air
  • Injection: direct
  • Lighting system 12Vdc
  • Operation revolutions: 3000 RPM
  • Motor oil extraction manual pump
  • Synchronous three-phase 4-pole, self excited, self regulated, brushless
  • Voltage: 400/231Vac
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Design : B2
  • Protection: IP23
  • Voltage regulation: electronically managed with AVR
  • Fast certified mono-axle towing trailer approved for road transport
  • Maximum travel and towing speed 70Km/h
  • Single-beam steer with height adjustment and parking handbrake
  • Fully galvanised steel frame and AL-KO KOBER mechanical components
  • NATO Standard 24V lighting system with STANAG 4007 plug
Protection soundproofing
  • Made with 20 mm metal sheet and coated internally with sound-absorbent material
  • Residual noise 72dB (A) ± 3 to 7 meters
Telescopic tower light  
  • Quick pneumatic lifting system with option for manual lowering in case of emergency
  • Lamps: N0.4 – 6 x 1000 W/230Vac
  • Type of lamps: LED/metal halides/halogen according to customer request
  • 360° rotation
  • handwheel for rotating column
  • Rails fitted with anti rolling bearings on each rail
  • internal coiled electric cable
Fuel tank  
  • Capacity 50 litres
  • Fitted with drain plug
  • Removable type in case of need
Output sockets available  
  • No°1 socket : 16A – 400Vac / 50Hz
  • No°1 socket : 16A – 230Vac / 50Hz
Electrical panel
  • Degree of protection IP65
Controls and operators
  • Ignition key
  • NETWORK GROUP selector switch fitted with door lock
  • Voltmeter switch
  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Tower Light up/down/stop selector
  • General breaker complete with residual current protection switch
  • General breaker complete with residual current protection switch
  • Switches fitted with leakage protection differential breakers for selective use of the electrical outlets supplied

Controls and measures
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency meter
  • Ammeter
  • Fuel gauge
  • Hour counter

Electronically operated protections with
  • Electronic device for automatically stopping the engine in case of operating anomalies with relative luminous signalling for
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Fuel reserve
Accessories included in the supply  
  • No.4 adjustable stabilizers
  • No.1 Spare wheel

Length (L)

3330 mm

Width (W)

2780 mm
Height (H) with tower light up 7500 mm
Weight 750 Kg


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    For EFFETI customers the importance of service quality weights, when choosing our products, as much as the price of the product itself. For this reason over the years EFFETI has set up differentiated after-sales service support with two types of assistance:
    1. STANDARD: ordinary maintenance package for the years following the purchase.
    2. EMERGENCY: fast response, with intervention at the customer's site.

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    Effeti designs and manufactures customized power solutions in the form of power generators for the most important Italian companies in the railway, marine and aviation industries.

    In addition to the well-established production of power generators for the most important Italian companies, the EFFETI team takes care of the scheduled or emergency maintenance of all machinery used by its customers.

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    Quality and certification

    Effeti has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.
    The company has always ensured consistent quality levels in its products.
    When an act was passed in 1995 requiring all suppliers to state agencies to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, EFFETI had its existing standards approved within a short time: procedures, testing, audits in the production line were consolidated business practices even before certification was required by law

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