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GPU Diesel 400Hz Mod.FT99.180

GPU Diesel 400Hz Mod.FT99.180

The unit has been designed focusing on client real needs and manufactured following EFFETI quality standard, the GPU (Ground Power Units) 400Hz EFFETI serie FT99 is intended for aircraft power supplying combines sturdiness, safety and reliability to a neat design that suits perfectly to all your needs.

GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 strong point is the 1500 R.p.m. rating that allows:
– Fuel lower consumption determines a lower impact on operation costs and environment;
– Reduced operating noise;
– Increased reliability;
– Less mechanical stress of the main components and consequently a reduced costs for maintenance and repair;
– Unit improved efficiency as the diesel engine works at his max. torque.

Da sempre sensibili ai problemi legati all’inquinamento ambientale e alla necessità di dover limitare le emissioni di anidride carbonica, abbiamo equipaggiato il GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 a 1500giri/min. con un motore STAGE IIIA, in accordo con quanto prescritto dalle normative internazionali vigenti in materia di emissione di gas inquinanti. Always sensitive to environment preservation and to the necessity to reduce carbon monoxide emissions we have equipped GPU (Ground Power Units) FT99 at 1500 r.p.m. with an engine. STAGE IIIA certified, in accordance with the applicable international regulations in terms of emissions.
Simple and user friendly , thanks to its gull-wing door opening system on three sides, ensures the widest accessibility to all the unit’s internal components, always granting simple and most importantly fast and comfortable maintenance operations.

  • Ft99 180 Gpu Effeti Ferrara
  • Vista Dimensionale GPU FT99 180 90KVA Effeti Ferrara
  • Ft99 180 Gpu Effeti Ferrara
  • Vista Dimensionale GPU FT99 180 90KVA Effeti Ferrara
  • RATED AT 1500 R.P.M
  • POWER RANGE From 90kVA to 180kVA
  • Diesel Engine 1500 RPM with Common Rail system – Stage IIIA


FT99.90 FT99.140 FT99.180
Power 90KVA 140 KVA 180 KVA

Diesel engine, 4 strokes, water cooled

Brand: Deutz
Type TCD 2013

Brand: Deutz
Type TCD 2013
Brand: Deutz
Type TCD 2013
Rated speed 1500 RPM 1500 RPM 1500 RPM
Engine emissions in accordance with regulations Stage III A Stage III A Stage III A

Alternator 115/200Vac 400Hz 1500 RPM

Type: 90KVA

Type: GPA32.140 140KVA
Type: GPA32.180 180KVA
Output available N. 1 x 115/200Vac 400Hz
N. 1 x 28Vdc
N. 2 x 115/200Vac 400Hz
N. 1 x 28Vdc
N. 2 x 115/200Vac 400Hz
N. 1 x 28Vdc

Cable length
Lines 115Vac and 28Vdc

10 m. 10 m. 10 m.
Configuration Slow towing trailer Slow towing trailer Slow towing trailer
Max towing speed 30Km/h 30Km/h 30Km/h
Fuel tank capacity 315 l. 315 l. 315 l.


FT99.90 FT99.140 FT99.180
Length (L) – towbar up 3.370 mm 3.670 mm 3.670 mm
Width (W) 1.680 mm 1.680 mm 1.680 mm
Height (H) 1.700 mm 1.700 mm 1.700 mm
Weight 2.800 Kg 3.300 Kg 3.350 Kg


  • Diesel engine , 4 strokes , water cooled
  • Engine speed : 1500 rpm
  • Direct injection, turbo charged with Common Rail System
  • Engine electronic control with CAN BUS system
  • Filters :oil, fuel filters and Air dry filter
  • Coolant radiator with pushing fan
  • 24Vdc Electric system complete with cuf-off battery device


  • Double bearing , the alternator can be extract with a forklift without disassemble the canopy or the control board.
  • Voltage: 115/200Vac
  • Frequency: 400Hz
  • Rated speed 1500 r.p.m.
  • Self-excited and self-regulated
  • Electric features in accordance with MIL-STD-704F (Aircraft Electric Power Characteristic)
  • Regulation:
    – Voltage precision : ± 1% from 0 to full load (transient)
    – Voltage regulation: ±15V


  • Rectifier Unit 28Vdc/2000A
  • 800A continuous
  • 800A continuous
  • 2000A for 5 sec


  • Capacity: 315 liters
  • Allocated completely inside the unit stracture and protected from bumps and vibrations
  • Fuel filler protected from bumops and from contact with electric parts in a proper niche
  • Emptying cap
  • Easily extractable in case of need


  • Sheet steel made canopy with soundproof material
  • Gull-wing door opening to grant the maximum accessibility for maintenance of the main components
  • N.6 handles for canopy doors open/closing all complete with lockable key
  • Noise level at 100% load: 75 Db a 7 Mt.


  • • Trailer for on-ramp use max speed 30 Km/h complete with:
    – – N.4 pneumatic wheels with rear spring leaf mounted on axle
    – – Steering front axle and fixed rear axle
    – – Foldable towbar complete with towing eye
    – – Parking brake on the towbar with automatic insertion and disconnection
    – – Rear and front size lights
    – – N.2 side trays for cable allocating complete with easydeploy roll system for an easier extraction


  • Command and Control
  • Command and Control
  • Engine stop button
  • Idle/run speed selector
  • 28 Vdc output Dn/Off buttons with LED light
  • 200/115 Vac buttons with LED light
  • Emergency stop button
  • Potentiometers for fine regulation of: engine r.p.m. Output Voltage 28 Vdc, Voltage 115Vac

Controls and Gauges

  • • Multi function LCD device with readings:
    – AC line 200/115Vac voltage
    – DC 28Vdc voltage
    – DC 28Vdc voltage
    – Current provided
    – Power provided
    – Power provided
    – Fuel level
    – Coolant temperature
    – Oil pressure
    – Engine r.p.m.
    – Battery voltage
    – Engine fuel consumption (L/h)

Safeties electronically controlled:

  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Overspeed
  • Low fuel level
  • Voltage on 28 Vdc out of range
  • Current on 28 Vdc out of range:
  • High diodes temperature
  • Under frequency
  • Over frequency
  • Under voltage on 200/115 Vac output
  • Over voltage on 200/115 Vac output


  • Standard color White RAL 9010
  • Other color finishing upon request


  • Exhaust muffler is allocated inside the canopy protected from bumps and accidental contacts complete with internal spark arrestor
  • N. 1 fire extinguisher homologated, capacity 6 Kg
  • N. 1 fire extinguisher homologated, capacity 6 Kg
  • N.4 LED size lights


  • Protection for AC and DC plug
  • Handle for AC and DC plug
  • Engine pre-heating system
  • Internal fire fighting system
  • Internal service lights
  • Transmission and data management via MODEM GSM


  • Working temperature: -20°C / + 45°C
  • Rel. Hum.: 10-90%
  • Altitude: 1000 meters above sea level

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Operation at 1500 revolutions / minute. Emissions of polluting substances equal to zero

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Assistenza Ricambi | Effeti | Produzione gruppi Elettrogeni | Ferrara


For EFFETI customers the importance of service quality weights, when choosing our products, as much as the price of the product itself. For this reason over the years EFFETI has set up differentiated after-sales service support with two types of assistance:
1. STANDARD: ordinary maintenance package for the years following the purchase.
2. EMERGENCY: fast response, with intervention at the customer's site.

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Effeti designs and manufactures customized power solutions in the form of power generators for the most important Italian companies in the railway, marine and aviation industries.

In addition to the well-established production of power generators for the most important Italian companies, the EFFETI team takes care of the scheduled or emergency maintenance of all machinery used by its customers.

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Quality and certification

Effeti has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998.
The company has always ensured consistent quality levels in its products.
When an act was passed in 1995 requiring all suppliers to state agencies to obtain the ISO 9001 certification, EFFETI had its existing standards approved within a short time: procedures, testing, audits in the production line were consolidated business practices even before certification was required by law

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